New Pattern Melamine Laminate Cabinets

The picture is matt melamine and gloss UV composed kitchen cabinet design. There are variety of high gloss materials to choose from. Such as UV painting, lacquer painted surface, acrylic laminated, Austria imported PETG laminated etc.


16mm Melamine MFC board

Door Material

Superior matt melamine


Austria BLUM/Chinese DTC




One set


New Pattern Melamine Laminate Cabinets

(Last Updated On: 2020-06-04)
1. Carcase:16mm melamine MFC/Plywood
2. Door Panel: 18mm melamine MDF/Particle board
3. Fittings: Chinese DTC or Austria Blum
4. Countertop: 15mm or 20mm quartz stone
5. Features: Gloss or matt surface, solid and wooden grain colors

New Pattern Melamine Laminate Cabinets pic


—> Various kitchen cabinet door sample catalog  for choosing.

—> Rich color surfaces, includes acrylic laminate, UV lacquer, Korea LCT laminated, Austria imported PETG, anti-finger prints FY series, high gloss marble texture etc. Click here to choose your color items.

—> Countertop material can be: sintered stone, quartz stone and marble with the thickness of 15mm and 20mm.

—> Accessories and kitchen cabinet fittings, such as lazy Susan, pull-out basket, pull-out pantry basket etc. More items here for your custom cabinets.

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