Grey And Wooden Grain Cupboard Cabinet

In this kitchen design, you can see there is island cabinet at right side, it allows 2 people seating to have their meal. And the cabinet height up to ceiling 2700mm, gives the feeling of modernity.


16mm Melamine MFC board

Door Material

Gloss UV lacquer


Austria BLUM/Chinese DTC




One set


Grey And Wooden Grain Cupboard Cabinet

(Last Updated On: 2020年10月5日)
1. Carcase:16mm melamine MFC/Plywood
2. Door Panel: 18mm UV MDF
3. Fittings: Chinese DTC or Austria Blum
4. Countertop: 15mm or 20mm quartz stone
5. Features: High gloss, high brightness,extremely smooth surface

UV kitchen cabinet PIC

—> Various kitchen cabinet door sample catalog  for choosing.

—> Rich color surfaces, includes acrylic laminate, UV lacquer, Korea LCT laminated, Austria imported PETG, anti-finger prints FY series, high gloss marble texture etc. Click here to choose your color items.

—> Countertop material can be: sintered stone, quartz stone and marble with the thickness of 15mm and 20mm.

—> Accessories and kitchen cabinet fittings, such as lazy Susan, pull-out basket, pull-out pantry basket etc. More items here for your custom cabinets.

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