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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Custom Kitchen Furniture

(Last Updated On: 2020年6月9日)
Custom-Made Kitchen Furniture Pic
1. Don’t rush!

The kitchen is the core of your home. It is the place where you and your family will spend quite a lot of time, either cooking or enjoying a meal with your loved ones. The kitchen is, therefore, a place where you will want to feel comfortable, to create a warm and pleasant environment, which will reflect your personality and which will integrate perfectly in the whole house. Therefore, choose wisely, spend time looking for ideas and projecting the result you would like to achieve in the end.

2. Quality comes first.

Don’t accept compromises when it comes to quality. Kitchen furniture is more used than you imagine. Think only of the number of openings and closures of doors or drawers. Or the humid and warm environment in which your kitchen is located. As I said, give importance to quality – even if it may cost more than you expected, a truly quality custom kitchen furniture will show its benefits over time, think of it as a long-term investment!

3. Trends are always changing.

Choose functionality and good taste. A simple Google search will get you countless results that will tell you what the latest trends in kitchens are, which can inspire you and help you decide on a kitchen design. But try not to fall prey to any trend just because it is attractive, think about how you integrate it into your kitchen and especially, think about whether it is really useful to you.

4. Take into consideration the space you have available.

When choosing custom kitchen furniture, the biggest benefit you can have is to optimize to the maximum every square cm of the room you have available. Moreover, you can choose smart storage solutions, you can mask certain things that you do not want exposed, you can integrate the latest technology. Customize the space exactly the way you want it and the way you know you will use it.

5. The final decision is yours!

Don’t be influenced by your sister, your girlfriend, your office colleague who just bought a kitchen. Your needs are very specific, as are your tastes. Maybe your mother likes a classic kitchen – massive fronts and intricate ornaments – maybe your colleague has just arranged a super modern kitchen with a minimalist design and pastel tones. The space of your kitchen is unique, so will you and so will the furniture you need.

Although choosing custom kitchen furniture may seem like a complicated process, in fact it is not. For each of our clients it was a unique, personalized experience, so we can make sure that the end result will be a success and will reflect exactly what our client wanted. We are waiting for you in the ZHIHUA showroom to discuss and create together the kitchen you dream of!

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