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7 Steps To Custom Kitchen Cabinets From China

(Last Updated On: 2020年6月12日)
Custom Kitchen Cabinets pic

Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of home decoration, and to customize kitchen cabinets from China is not an easy matter to deal with, since it includes everything from the layout of your cabinets to the materials and finishes you use to complete whole process.

If you are looking to custom your kitchen cabinet, there are five factors that should be considered before starting your project: design features, materials, delivery, price, and service.

So how to custom kitchen cabinets from China? Please follow the steps below.

I. Floor Plan Provided

A 2D floor plan is the arrangement of cabinet layout, appliances, and storage areas in a given space. This is the floor plan provided by the customer, which contains the specific layout of the cabinet, the placement of electrical appliances in the kitchen, the type of range hood, etc. In general, the standard project construction drawing contains all the necessary elements above.

kitchen cabinet floor plan pic

. Cabinets Style Confirmative

There are five major kitchen cabinet layouts in this section to consider, which are the I shaped layout, II shaped, L shaped style, U shaped design and island cabinet style. Among these, you will find the best kitchen cabinet design for your cabinet layout pic

1. I shaped module kitchen cabinet layout offers the solution for small apartment, lofts and narrow space houses. With this design, the operation of worktop traffic flow is in a straight line. This design can also facilitate the use of all the wall space to add extra storage systems.

2. Gallery kitchen cabinet plan is suitable for corridor kitchens, as there are two parallel cabinets that form a central corridor in a galley kitchen. With this kitchen layout, you can save space as well since the walking distance between various areas is shorter.

3. The L-shaped kitchen cabinet style is widely used in residential and apartment kitchen layouts. It perfectly executes the ability to take a small or medium-sized kitchen and make it functional for multiple family members, and it can also save spaces, regardless of your kitchen’s dimensions.

4. A U-shaped kitchen cabinet design is a kitchen design featuring three walls with cabinets and appliances arranged on the wall. It has two blind corners and can be designed with lazy Susan pull-out baskets to expand storage spaces. It is really an efficient design that’s suitable for large spaces.

5. The Island cabinet design is luxurious and consists of large-sized with open kitchens floor plans, with strong flexibility and more storage space on the operation table. There are two types of island counters: one is an independent island counter, which can be used as an independent sink and induction cooker, and the other is an island counter connected to the whole kitchen, which can be used as a bar counter.

. Material and Price

There are many options available in materials for the custom kitchen cabinets. These can be categorized in two parts, one as a base material, and other as surface finishes.

What is Base Material?

The base material is the one we use to make the cabinets body and kitchen cabinet doors. There are various base materials options in the market such as particle board, plywood, MDF, solid wood, etc. Surface finishes on such material can vary, depending upon our materials selection, such as laminates, veneer, paint etc.

To ensure that you can find the most suitable materials for your custom kitchen cabinets according to your budget, we listed here the details materials for your reference.

Kitchen Cabinets Base Materials pic

1. Particle board is a wood-based panel which consists of wood chips, sawmill shavings or other lignocellulosic materials glued together by hot pressing.

2. Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an abbreviation for a type of engineered wood. MDF consists of thin panels made from wood fiber, resin and wax.

Its density varies, from high-density fiberboard, to medium density fiberboard and low-density fiberboard. The density of MDF that is currently used in the market is about 720Kg / m³.

The common thickness in the custom cabinets industry is 5mm, 9mm, 16mm and 18mm. The back board of cabinets are 5 mm and 9mm. The carcase thickness is 16mm, and 18mm is for kitchen cabinet doors.

3. Plywood is an engineered multi-layer wood product made of birch, poplar, paulownia and other wood parts and bonded with an adhesive. It usually consists of an odd number of plies, such as 18mm plywood with 5 ply or 7 ply.

4. Wood refers to natural lumber. Wood cabinets are traditionally used materials for kitchen cabinets. The solid wood kitchen cabinet is impressively strong and sturdy with a beautiful grain that results in great looking furniture. The greatest advantage is that it can be customized in numerous styles, finish and color. There’s a large variety of wood materials used to produce kitchen cabinets, such as oak, ash, walnut, birch, maple, cherry, and rubber wood.Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet pic

If you are looking for waterproof modern custom kitchen cabinets that can be used outdoor, considered optional materials like aluminium and stainless steel.

1. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the truly zero-formaldehyde , waterproof, insect-resistant and relatively more resilient, as they don’t crack, unlike the wooden cabinets. This gives to it a longer life cycle and eliminates the need for you to do any replacement for a long period of time.

2. Stainless steel cabinets are a more expensive than any wood cabinets and are made of the SUS304 raw material. Initially used in restaurants, laboratories and for medical storage, stainless steel cabinetry has moved beyond its industrial beginnings and is now found in high-end home kitchen designs.

What is Surface Treatment?

The surface treatment of kitchen cabinet doors is a visual expression of different custom kitchen cabinets styles, and the most important is that all the laminated surface are made by our own factory with advanced equipment.

1. Melamine is a hard resin paper used as an overlay for building materials like MDF, plywood and particle board, which can be used for manufacturing various colors and styles melamine kitchen cabinets. It is commonly used in making home furniture like kitchen cabinets, vanities, wardrobes or other sections of a home.

2. Lacquer is simply a fast-drying glossy and matt finish. It is considered to be a good all around finish for MDF kitchen cabinets, because it dries quickly, it is easy to reface the color styles on it, and its durability is considered to be moderate. The lacquer kitchen cabinets come mostly in pure colors and are popular in the Australian market.

3. Wood veneer kitchen cabinets can give your furniture a fine wood grain appearance. The thickness of the wood veneer ranges from 0.3 to 1 mm, commonly used 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm, and after painting it has the same characteristics of the solid wood kitchen cabinet.

4. PVC kitchen cabinets and solid kitchen cabinets provide you with the same look but it comes with a different price range. PVC kitchen cabinets are cheap made of MDF boards. It provides flat panel and shake kitchen cabinet door styles. If you are looking for classical style kitchen cabinets but with affordable prices, the material would be a wise choice.

5. Acrylic laminated sheet is a non-toxic, high gloss surface which bring the acrylic kitchen cabinet a perfectly mirror and smooth appearance. It has wide range of thickness in 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, and 3mm, that laminated on MDF or plywood.

6. LCT is a Korea imported film can be laminated on MDF to cut the sizes to be kitchen cabinet doors. It has matt and gloss surface treatment only with pure colors, like white, grey, and black.

7. UV is a type of lacquer, which laminated on particle board and MDF with six times UV lacquer. It has super Matt FY series, high gloss marble designs, pure colors, metallic colors and wooden grain series. The UV kitchen cabinet doors gives the kitchen a bright and extremely smooth appearance, makes your kitchen design modernity.

8. PETG laminate is new surface material which imported from Austria with the six sides of same color. It is very similar as the presentation of the lacquer. With the Introducing high technic from Austria for manufacturing 30°/45°/90°edges, the PETG kitchen cabinet doors are take the place of most common visible handle design to handless.

9. High Pressure Laminates (HPL), which is a fire resistance building material for surface decoration. Typically the core is made of MDF or particle board widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, wall decoration, etc. It is suitable for the destructive high-intensity use of hotels and commercial places, especially in European and American countries. Many 4-star hotels use fire-proof boards as the basic materials to make furniture and decorative boards.

What is Countertop?

Countertop is a working table that used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. As the main body of the kitchen, to chose a stylish, high-end counter to match the kitchen cabinet design style is particularly important. In order to meet the requirement from client. Here are the generality three types for custom kitchen cabinets counter.

kitchen cabinet countertops pic

1. Sintered stone is made of natural stone and inorganic clay through a special process. It is a natural material, non-toxic and non-radiative, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. It can be directly in contact with food when it is used as a countertop. The currently famous Spanish NEOLITH brand on the market has a thickness of 6mm.

2. Quartz stone has a variety of colors with three styles: single color, solid color and double color, the thickness of the plate can be selected from 15mm and 20mm.As the price is relatively affordable, it is accepted by many engineering custom kitchen cabinets projects.

3. Marble is compared with quartz stone, the price of marble is generally higher. There are many patterns and colors for you to choose from. However, due to the high hardness of the marble, it causes the stone cracked easily. It is suitable for high-end villas and large custom open cabinets.

What Accessories Included for A Complete Kitchen Cabinet Set?

The cabinet hardware is the basic components of a cabinet. Its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, and fatigue performance of moving parts directly affect the overall quality and service life of the cabinet.

The cabinet accessories are divided into functional hardware and basic hardware. Basic hardware is a general term for hinges and drawer slide. Functional hardware includes air support brackets, pull-out baskets, handles, etc.

1. Hinge is one of the most common accessions among all cabinet hardwares. The quality of hinge directly affects the working life of kitchen cabinet doors. It has Chinese DTC and Austria Blum brand. Here are the graphic description of three different cabinet door hinges on the market: Full-overlay, Half-overlay and Bend door hinge.

Cabinet hinge type pic

2. Drawer slide is mainly related to whether the drawer’s stretching is smooth. The common types are steel balls and wear-resistant nylon. The wear-resistant nylon is the best to choose as it is soft-closing.DRAWER SLID pic

3. Air support bracket is used to the wall cabinet with flap-up door design. The air pressure device with strong elasticity keeps the panel of the cabinet and the cabinet body at a certain distance, and provides strong support for the panel. There are two types that are common used in the market: domestic brand and Austria BLUM small mini pneumatic support.

kitchen cabinet flap-up door pic

4. Pull-out basket is one of the functional accessories, which can make full usage of the kitchen cabinet space. It has stainless steel, chrome plating and other materials, most of which choose stainless steel material to extending kitchen base cabinet spaces. The pull basket styles various with pull basket for stove, lazy Susan storage, spice pull basket and pantry pull out basket.

Kitchen cabinet Pull out baskets pic

5. Sink is designed in kitchen washing area. The stainless steel 304 is an ideal material for kitchen sinks, it is lightweight, easy to install, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, moisture-resistant, aging-resistant. The metal texture is quite modern, and it can achieve a versatile effect. It has a variety of shapes and is suitable for various styles. It is unmatched by other materials.

6. Kick board is often neglected by us. In fact, it may cause the problem with the cabinet as it fits at the bottom of base cabinet. A toe kick got two types of material: plastic skirting and aluminum skirting and all with waterproof rubber built in. The waterproof rubber kick board is not only waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, but also beautiful and durable.

7. Cabinet hanger system is a type of bracket or using an anchoring that supports the wall cabinet hanging on the wall. There are 2 types of installation methods for the wall cabinet: one is to using cabinet hanger bracket to hanging the cabinet to wall, It is widely used in concrete walls; Another way is to design the kitchen cabinet back board thickness to 16mm fixed by an anchoring, which is suitable for dry walls.

cabinet hanger bracket pic

8. Handle is an indispensable decorative accessory to the custom kitchen cabinets. At present, the most widely used is aluminum alloy handle and integrally formed handle. It does matters to choose a handle that is consistent with the overall style of the caibnets Handle pic

At the end, if you are following the steps above, I am sure you already had an ideal to choose the suitable designs and materials for your custom kitchen cabinets. And please make sure you have communicated closely with the manufacturer regarding to your requirements.

In order to get a quotation efficiently, we made a table for you that contains the common requirements from manufacturer:

quotation table pic

Ⅳ. 2D Drawings and PI Approval

1. Measurements: Check the floor plan sizes ( wall to wall )after the floor and wall decoration is completed, and provide electrical appliances and sink specifications drawings, and specific confirmation of kitchen cabinet door color selection, handle, basket and other accessories regarding above steps.

2. 2D drawings: According to the customer’s confirmed specifications, provide 2D production drawings that can be produced for customer review and approval.

3. PI: The order contract with detailed material description shall be confirmed to the customer, so as to avoid subsequent disputes.

V. Production and Payment

After the factory received your approved drawings and deposits. The order will be released to production line.

The normal production time is 30 ~ 60 days. Depends on the size of the order, whether the material is customized, etc. For urgent projects speedy deliveries can be adjusted accordingly.

The factory will also follow up production schedule and inspection for the goods during the production, and send checking lists to client accordingly.

Ⅵ. Logistic Arrangement

Logistic arrangement is the last step after the order is completed and production. Having a complete supply chain is a prerequisite for serving every customer. We provide EXW, FOB, DDU and cargo co-loading services. We also provide free assistance for arranging logistic services under the EXW Incoterm.

VII. What are The Advantages to Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Manufacturer Directly?

We often receive inquiries from customers, and most of them will specifically ask “Are you a factory?”, And I am proud to answer “YES”. Because the customer understands that when it comes to purchase custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and other complex products, it is much safer to buy from the factory than from traders.

The factory will not be inferior to the service provided by the trading company, whether it is from the beginning of the design proposal, material selection, or the quality control to the final shipment. Today’s factory is not just a “factory” in the traditional sense, but a supply chain that can provide one-stop services. Below, I am going to explain its advantages as following:

1. A Factory is Easier to Work With

2. A Factory Can Offer a Better Price

3. A Factory has Smaller MOQ

4. A Factory has Excellent After-sale Guarantee


The final price in the classic stores includes design and production costs, import (if applicable), import surcharge, storage costs, furniture display costs, merchant surcharge. All this greatly increases the final price you pay.

ZHIHUA cabinets is designed as a complete solution for custom cabinets, from 3D design to execution, using state-of-the-art technology. Whether you are a lover of carefully processed solid wood or of MDF painted in bold colors, ZHIHUA cabinets gives you the freedom to create the furniture model in tune with your personality!

The nobility of the wood, as well as the accuracy of the details will beautify and enrich the space you have, creating that close connection between man and nature!

To help you to custom kitchen cabinets from China, please refer more articles: The 5 advantages and 5 mistakes before choosing kitchen furniture!

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