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5 Advantages Of Custom Kitchen Furniture

(Last Updated On: 2020年6月9日)
Custom Kitchen Furniture PIC

You plan to arrange the space of your kitchen, but you still oscillate between the ready-made kitchens that you see, you like and you just assemble them at home, or custom-made kitchen furniture.

To help you make the best decision, here are the major advantages of custom-made kitchen furniture from our point of view:

1) A project tailored to your needs. 

Your furniture will be created based on the exact measurements of the room (the design of the project is based on the survey), so that the furniture perfectly covers the space for which it was designed. But, for example, in the design of furniture we also take into account the height of the future owners of the kitchen. Would you have thought of that? A standard height kitchen countertop can be too low, and therefore uncomfortable, for a very tall person. The same is true for suspended bodies, which must be at the optimal level for those who will use the kitchen we are going to produce every day.

2) 100% customization. 

We start from scratch. We have in front of us a white sheet on which we are going to draw the kitchen of your dreams, and here you have the free hand to choose and choose between several typologies of cabinets materials, colors, accessories, finishes. We will guide and advise you so that the end result is exactly what you dreamed of. You just have to give us as much detail as possible to understand exactly what you need.

3) Space optimization. 

The furniture usually takes up space. We strive (and we succeed) to optimize how well the space available, to find bold and creative ideas that allow us to create new storage places where you would not even think, to give new uses to a piece furniture and to keep the aesthetic and unitary aspect of the project.

4) A furniture designer just for you. 

You went through all the possible Instagram accounts, you made a Pinterest board in which you gathered a lot of ideas, you saved several articles and pictures to inspire you. But what best fits the space you have available? Would that kitchen that you like very much look good in your house or do you not have enough space? Well, our designers will help you and together you will come to a solution that integrates perfectly into your home, that will take into account all the details (both aesthetic and practical) and that will reflect your personality. As I said above, 100% customization!

5) Counseling. 

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, the technical ones are also very important: what material will you use? What accessories? What technologies? Which kitchen counter to choose? You certainly have a lot of questions that may initially overwhelm you. However, our role is to guide you and give you all the explanations you need so that in the end you have answered all your questions and have no doubt that if you opt for custom kitchen furniture ZHIHUA will make you the best choice

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